A new publication from Prof G-E Seralini highlights the first Bt maize to be commercialized for animal feed was toxic for farm animals

Tuesday 26 January 2016

/user/image/communiquePicture_342155.pngAn experienced German farmer of dairy herd recognized by his profession, Mr Gottfried Glockner, fed his cows between 1998 and 2002 with Bt176 maize silage. This GMO produced a new modified insecticide Bt and contained an antibiotic resistance marker gene. The only toxicological test, before being commercialized, was conducted by Novartis (subsequenly Syngenta) in the United States, and consisted by feeding 4 cows for 15 days, one cow died after a week. Despite this obviously inadequate test, Gottfried Glockner, who was working with the GM industry, fed his dairy cows with Bt176 maize silage in an equilibrated diet. Animals began to show asthenia, partial paralysis, problems in kidneys and mucosal membrane... 10% of them died. Prof Seralini had access to the veterinary records as well as the farmer's archives and they recently published in the peer-reviewed Scholarly Journal of Agricultural Sciences (Glockner & Seralini, SJAS, 2016). This study demonstrates that this GMO Bt maize is most probably toxic over the long term.

One more time, CRIIGEN calls for URGENT NEED OF TRANSPARENCY of all toxicological studies before release on the market of GMOs and pesticides they are designed to contain and insists on the need for life-long studies, as well as the specific labelling of GM food.


It is crucial for animals' health as well as consumers.

CRIIGEN, Dr Joel Spiroux de Vendomois, President