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Impact of the Lepage Mission Reports

Wednesday 10 December 2008
4 December 2008

CRIIGEN  is delighted by the impact of the Lepage Mission on the Council of Ministers for the Environment, which  has instructed EFSA again to reconsider its assessment methods of GMOs in the long term.

On the 4 December 2008, the European Ministers for the Environment have met to finalize the reflections conducted over the last six months towards an evolution of the regulations of GMOs at Community level (cf Inf'OGM n°95)...

Read the European Ministers’ report

Reaction of the United-States of 6 December 2008 on the re-evaluation of biotechnologies: for the first time, they are taking into account Europe’s desire to do better. THIS IS A GREAT STEP FORWARD.

We are hoping for the first fruits of the decisions of the Obama administration...


Reports of the Lepage Mission

Tuesday 1 July 2008

Anne Furet,  of Inf'OGM, drafted an excellent summary of the work accomplished by the Lepage Mission in which Gilles-Eric Séralini of CRIIGEN was sitting. Please read below:


"On 11 June 2008, Corinne Lepage handed Jean-Louis Borloo the second part of her report on expertise environment information in which she points out blatant weaknesses in the European assessment of GMOs, and comes up with several recommendations. She has already handed in a preliminary report in February 2008, with over 80 proposals in relation to the right to information on the environment, expertise and liability.  

February 2008
pdf Download Report 1 in English

April 2008

pdf Download Report 2 in English