"Failure to Regulate: Pesticide Data Fraud Comes Home to RoostThe US" By Carol Van Strum, Truthout | News Analysis

Thursday 30 April 2015

/user/image/articlePressePicture_591537.pngEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) can hardly be surprised by news that Roundup and other best-selling pesticides cause cancer. The EPA originally registered atrazine, Roundup (glyphosate), 2,4-D and hundreds of other poisons based on fraudulent or nonexistent industry safety studies, their real effects concealed by the EPA and industry for 50 years. Now the fraud and lies are coming home to roost.


The news is unlikely to prompt the EPA to ban Roundup or any other toxin, though.

"The agency has a very poor track record in protecting us from dangerous chemicals," says Dr. Brian Moench. "In fact, in 2013, well after much of the alarming research on glyphosate had already surfaced, the EPA actually increased the 'acceptable' levels of glyphosate contamination of numerous foods, anywhere from twice for soybeans to 25 times higher for carrots."


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