A Support Committee for the Farm Sainte-Marthe – Feb. 2009

Monday 16 February 2009

A Support Committee has been created for the Farm Sainte-Marthe under the moral aegis of Madame Meunier, Mayor of Millançay.


The VIPs, members of the Board of Directors are:

- Monsieur Maurice LANDRE, CEO of Public Works Company in Sait-Julien-sur-Cher. President,

- Madame Odette MEUNIIER, Mayor of Millançay, Vice-President.

- Monsieur Jean-Yves FROMONOT, Further Education Adviser, Treasurer,

- Madame Catherine GRUFFAT, Teacher, Deputy-Treasurer.

- Monsieur Hervé LE GRAND, Development Sustainable Adviser, Secretary,

- Madame Marieke AUCANTE, Journalist and Writer. Deputy-Secretary

- Monsieur Eric GRELET, Graphic Artist, Cartoonist

- Madame Sandrine GOUBLE, Store Manager.


Hundreds of sympathizers and donors are supporting the Board of Directors as well as leading figures like Coline SERREAU, Edgar MORIN, Nicolas HULOT, Claude DUMONT, President of WWF, Serge ORRU, Sébastien GENEST President of France-Nature-Environnement, Lylian LE GOFF, Yann ARTHUS BERTRAND, Corinne LEPAGE, Professor Gilles-Eric SERALINI, Professor Dominique BELPOMME, Robert LION President of Greenpeace France and Claude GRUFFAT, President of BIOCOOP.


Elected respresentatives: Patrice MARTIN-LALANDE (UMP, Conservative) Member of Parliament and General Councillor, Jeanny LORGEOUX, Mayor and General Councillor (Socialist Party) in Romorantin, Jean-Luc BURGUNDER, Vice-President of the General Council Région-Centre (Green Party), and open and official support is coming from Mayors and Town Councils like Jean-Pierre ALBERTINI Mayor of Salbris (Loir-et-Cher) and Philippe BODARD Mayor of Mûr-Erigné (Maine-et-Loire)...