Victory of CRIIGEN – 24 July 2009

Friday 28 August 2009

The French Council of the State, within the framework of the measures to enforce the Charter of the Environment, has considered that only the Law could define the conditions, and possibly the extent of the information on GMOs dissemination and the results of monitoring. However, the Council of the State considered that the provisions pertaining to the prevention of damage to the Environment by GMOs could not be defined by the Law.As a consequence, the High Assembly cancelled five provisions of the Decree from 30 June 2010, considering that the Laws from 25 June and 1 August 2008 had by certain provisions limited the information and the consultation of the public, but also that an immediate nullification of the Decree would have obviously excessive consequences. This means quite clearly that the Government will need to have the Parliament vote a new Law on GMOs before 30 June 2010, thus making sure the right to information of the public is ensured. This a major step in the fight against industrial secrecy and more generally the secrecy GMO manufacturers and users are trying to surround themselves with.

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