Questions on GMOs

Une série de questions/réponses sur les OGM menée avec le Pr Séralini

A Health Sham - May 2008

Friday 4 July 2008

Interview of Pr. Séralini in TERRE NET

The opinion of a scientist of CRIIGEN, Pr. Gilles-Eric Séralini, expert on the assessment of GMOs: “A Health Sham”.


Nathalie Petit, journalist with Terre-Net (NP): What scientific arguments can be opposed to growing GMOs freely? 

Gilles-Eric Séralini, Professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen, co-founder of CRIIGEN, author of: “Ces Ogm qui changent le monde”, Flammarion.

(G-E S): The dossier about cultivated commercialized GMOs is just the cover up of a health scandal, for two major reasons. 

First of all, contrary to common scientific usage, the blood analyses of the laboratory mammals were kept secret, that is the very analyses that were used as study models, during the longest tests in the world (unfortunately, the animals consumed the GMOs only for three months before the authorization). 

Secondly, they reveal, after we had to go to Court to obtain them, for a Monsanto maize (the Bt MON 863), significant effects: up to 24-40% increase in fat in the blood of female rats, among other things. Monsanto is not denying this, but does not deem it serious enough to continue the tests. This is sham science in favour of gigantic interests!



Read the remainder of Pr Séralini's interview in French in TERRE NET

Questions and Answers on GMOs

Friday 29 December 2006
By Gilles Eric Séralini

From the humanitarian point of view:

Q - The growth of the world’s population is constant and the issue of feeding the world is becoming more and more pressing. GMOs make it possible to increase yields and prevent shortages and famines, what do you think?

A – No. The GMOs used in intensive agriculture today are unsuitable for the countries of the South, because they use patented seeds. The countries of the South are already missing essential drugs, because they are patented. Therefore patenting seeds would increase famines.

In the field of medicine: 

Q – Drugs  made from GMOs are useful in medicine, don’t you think? 

A – Yes. Recombinant insulin and recombinant growth hormone are well tested on human health, and microbial GMOs are grown in sealed environments.

Q – The production of GMO vaccines is less costly and more efficient for certain diseases, don’t you think?

A – If they are produced in a sealed environment and well tested, the answer is the same as above. However, adverse reactions due to the side effects of vaccines need to be taken seriously.