Culinary pleasures or hidden poisons? Gilles-Eric Séralini & Jérôme Douzelet - Preface of Jean-Marie Pelt

Culinary pleasures or hidden poisons? Gilles-Eric Séralini & Jérôme Douzelet - Preface of Jean-Marie Pelt

For decades, science has invited itself into our dinner plates. This book asks it to sit down to dinner. International industries have systematized the use of chemicals: spreading them on the fields and using them in the breeding, processing, packaging, and distribution of our food. They constantly invade our bodies. This process has expanded to such a level that it may influence aspects of the future of humanity and the planet.


Biological contaminants in our food hold almost no secrets for us today - every restaurant must meticulously follow the rules of bacterial hygiene, with verifiable results. But chemical pollutants, present in practically all foods, are much less well monitored: heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), additves, flavour enhancers, detergents, plasticizers... The regulatory authorisations of these products hide from the public the health problems that these new food contaminants can generate. Whether through ignorance, the dishonest protection of private interests in a well-established system of expertise, or the desire to avoid a scandal, the frontier is well guarded.


Even French haute cuisine of the highest quality can be abused by authorisations of toxic products, which can appear to aid progress. Gilles-Eric Seralini, a professor and researcher at the University of Caen, and a specialist in GMOs and pesticides - known for his recent experiments establishing a link with tumours and kidney and liver disease - and Jerome Douzelet, chef and manager, decided to join forces to reveal their illuminating experiences of the dishonesty of regulatory authorisations of chemical products and the possibility of developing a joyful, natural, and organic cuisine, full of flavour, colour, and texture, in harmony with biodiversity and health - in line with the true meaning of the word "restaurateur": one who restores health.



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