Financial support needed : help CRIIGEN to carry on

Tuesday 27 January 2015


Pr Gilles-Eric Seralini, Scientific Board President and Joel Spiroux de Vendomois, Adminitrative Board President of CRIIGEN

"Dear friends,

As you may know, for over fifteen years now the Committee for Independent Research and Information on Genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN) has been working to protect public health by conducting international scientific studies demonstrating the harmful health effects of GMOs, pesticides and other xenobiotics. It is the only association in the world of this type bringing together international 'transdisciplinary' experts to conduct - independent of firms commercially involved in this sector - assessments of biotechnologies, their derived products as well as of their associated pesticides.

Our results pinpoint the undervaluation of all these commodities condoned by the regulatory authorities. In the wake of the publication of the results of the first study in the world on the impact of a GMO (NK603 maize) and its associated pesticide (Roundup), we were the victim of a campaign of defamation organised by the GM and pesticide lobbies.


To respond to these heinous attacks, while continuing our research, we were obliged to recruit a member of staff tasked with the job of dealing with communication and all external relations. This appointment - indispensable if we are to sustain our workload with peace of mind - is expensive for a not-for-profit organization like ours and is threatened in the short term due to a lack of funding.

Exceptionally therefore we are seeking today financial assistance in the form of a one-off contribution from all our supports and friends.

We thank you in advance for giving your attention to our appeal and for your support. Please, don't hesitate to forward this message around you and in your networks.

Yours respectfully,




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Cheques can be sent at : CRIIGEN, BP 15101, 14079 Caen Cedex 5 France